Great Ways to Beat Depression

Great Ways to Beat Depression

Depression can be brought on by a number of causes.

The loss of a loved one, failure in an exam, financial stress, rejection by a lover, can all
lead to bouts of depression.

Whilst feeling down now and then is a normal part of living, existing in a state of morbid
disposition is not.

Clinical depression happens when you just can''t seem to shake yourself out of your
mood. Everything in life becomes a chore. Nothing excites you anymore. Before you know
it, your body sends you signals by allowing physical changes to manifest. You become
listless, apathetic and just plain ill.

All in all, you just don''t feel like living anymore!


You need to do something about your depression now.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to lift your mood. They are simple things that anyone can do.

1. Get out into the Sun.
This is not for getting a tan, though that in itself might cheer you up, as you look more
healthy and tanned. Sunshine actually increases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone
that will trigger a more active you.

2. Do Something.
Go and take some action - being actively involved in a task, will take your concentration
away from your depression. Find something that you enjoy doing. If you can''t think of
anything enjoyable, think of something that could be enjoyable, or something other
people enjoy. Then go and get active.

3. Stop doing it!
Take a break. A refreshing break from your everyday mundane chores will alter your
depressed thinking. Relax and soak in a hot bath, listen to soothing music, with a glass of
wine. Just give your body and mind a chance to synchronize.

4. Eat better.
It has long been proven that certain foods are spirit lifting. Do some research on which
foods that would be for you, and then spend some time working out recipes or eating
patterns. Actually go and start eating these foods. Your body will respond, and your mind
will follow. Remember the old saying: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

5. Go and touch somebody.
Humans are gregarious and sociable creatures. Make some new friends, get in touch with
some old friends, and get some human contact. When you are in the correct environment,
a hug can work wonders to side track your depression.

To really multiply the effectiveness of this technique, find a needy child or person and
show some caring towards them. That interaction is guaranteed to sway your depression.

Here is a bonus killer technique that always helps.

Sit down and write a list of all the things you are grateful for.
Don''t get caught in the trap of saying there is nothing. Just the fact that you have air to
breathe, is something. The fact that you are intelligent enough to realize your problem
and read about it, is something to be grateful for.

If you think about it, there is an abundance of things to be grateful for. List them. Let them
work away your depression.

Simple things can and will make a huge difference. Just try it.