Treatments For Hair Loss Are Provided For Individuals Who Need It

Treatments For Hair Loss Are Provided For Individuals Who Need It

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Losing your hair whether you are a man or a woman can be embarrassing. No matter what the reason is you simply wish to find treatments for hair loss. There are many different methods for doing so. In order to properly treat hair loss, you first will need to consider the cause for the hair loss.

Sometimes you may lose hair due to what is know as pattern baldness. More often than not, you will first notice that you have begun losing hair at the crown and then your hair, over time, will begin to get thinner. The cause of this is a hormone called DHT that gets released into the bloodstream. After a while, the hormone kills off hair follicles, which in turn gives you patches of missing hair on your head.

Medical treatments like chemotherapy can also cause hair loss. Or it could simply be a result of genetics. Sometimes losing your hair is common in some families. Just accept that it is very likely to happen to you. This fact is just as equally true for both women and men.

Once you know the reasons behind your sudden loss of hair, it is at this point you can begin looking into treatments for losing your hair. Now there are several treatments that may or may not be prescription. In any event, the FDA has approved Minoxidil, which aids in the re-growth of hair that you have lost. This ingredient is found in many prescription and non-prescription treatments for this loss.

The main purpose of this ingredient is to help reduce levels of DHT in the bloodstream which helps to rejuvenate and restore hair follicles that took a hit. It will also help to stimulate blood vessels that will help to resurrect and dead hair follicles leaving you with a head of hair that is full!

It is also quite important in your battle of hair loss to maintain needed levels of Vitamin B, which also helps you to keep healthy hair and could help prevent future hair loss as well. A simple B6, folic acid, or niacin deficiency can throw your body off and cause your hair to fall out as well. Therefore, make it a practice to keep Vitamin B levels up which will also keep you healthy. Zinc and magnesium minerals are also very crucial in the war against this loss.

Certain herbs such as Saw Palmetto are also very effective in preventing testosterone from turning into the DHT hormone thus helping prevent hair loss, present and future. There are many other herbs that can aid in the fight against the loss of your hair. There is also a prescription and non-prescription treatment called Provillus that takes all four elements of Minoxidil, vitamins, herbs and minerals to battle this loss.

The most important thing to remember is that you did not wake up one day with hair loss. It took some time and treating it will also take some time. So just be patient to see results and also relax. Treatments for hair loss are available for help.

Mary Ann Stevens writes about various treatments for hair loss. You can visit her website about hair loss treatments and get the answers to your questions.