Why Natural Skin Care Ingredients are Important

Why Natural Skin Care Ingredients are Important

Natural Organic Skin Care
This article provides useful, detailed information about Natural Organic Skin Care. Organic skin care refers to natural skin care products or therapies whose ingredients are grown organically in areas where soil is...

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We all need to follow a skin care regimen to keep our skin healthy and in top shape. Our skin can reflect on how we take care of our body. At some point of our lives, it is almost inevitable that we experience having minor forms of skin infections...

If you''re like me, you want your skin to look young and healthy. I recently started using some amazing skin care products from the Amazon Herb Company. They are called Lluvia Rainforest Essence. They are six skin care products that offer amazing benefits to your skin. I want to share some benefits of using these products.

Your skin is your largest organ. What some people don''t realize is that what you put in your skin is taken into your body to a large extent. Most skin care products, if you read the labels, have ingredients in them that I am sure you have no idea what they are. If you don''t know that, then you don''t know what they can do to your body and its operation. A random sample off a lotion I used to use:

Cetyl Alcohol Cetearyl Glucoside Octenylsuccinate Stearic acid Dimethiconol

Any idea what those do to your skin? Or your body? No? Neither do I. Lluvia is different. It is fully natural. Here is what it doesn''t have:

Synthetic chemicals and preservatives Alcohol Harsh detergents Waxes Parabens Mineral oil Lanolin Artificial fragrances and colors

Lluvia is the Spanish word for rain. The botanicals that are used in Lluvia skin care products are from the Amazon rainforest. The ingredients are all either organic or harvested by hand in an ecologically-sustainable manner. None of the ingredients have ever been treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Lluvia skin care products use plant-based liposomes and essential oils to help deliver the botanical herbal benefits into your skin, not just on it. The herbs offer antioxidant protection to your skin, while boosting healthy skin production to slow down signs of aging.

For example, the Lluvia Refreshing Mist hydrates your skin. Whether it''s sun, or air conditioning, or indoor heating, your skin endures drying conditions. This wonderful mist uses Melissa and Sandalwood essential oils, to smooth your skin and soothe your soul. It contains Una de Gato, a powerful antioxidant that also contains glycosides that soothe your skin. It also helps keep your skin''s pH in balance.

All six Lluvia skin care products are formulated to care for your skin in multiple ways. Plus you are assured that purchasing these products helps to preserve the Amazon rainforest, an important resource for all of us, with over 215,000 plant species. All Amazon Herb products help to provide income for the native peoples of the Amazon rainforest.

Using these products will do wonders for your skin, without chemicals or detergents. Check all six out and give them a try. Your skin will thank you!
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Barbara Pfieffer uses and promotes herbal products and Lluvia skin care products from the Amazon Herb Company. These are all natural products, produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. For more information, visit her website, Real Health from Amazon Herb.

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