weight loss twins

weight loss twins

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Could someone please help me with this weight loss question?

OK, I lost 25 pounds, now I market other people lose that amount of weight? Please, no diet pills or cleaning answers. Indeed to do so by August 1 is today May 6, sounds like a good time, and I thought excersing walking and jogging (alternating) 1 day 5 miles a week and a bit of gentle exercise and of inflections of the stomach (as is my worst after 3 children, 4 years. and 2 years old. twins of two years), if you Please give me some suggestions!

find calorie / fitness calculator on the net, enter all statistics and tells you how many calories you need a day to maintain, take off 300-400cal off that number and thats how it is lost. eat 5-6 small meals a day (eat every 2-3 hours) 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day 8 glasses of water have complex carbs for breakfast – they give you energy have lean meat (protein) for dinner – repairs muscle cardio exercise 4-6 times per week for 30-50min, light weight with the foods that are made from white flour (white bread, cakes, past etc.), sugar-laden foods (cookies, ice cream, candy, etc.) and nothing fried, fatty. of course you can make the pleasure from time to time with a gift:)

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