Cooking With Kids: Love the Mayhem!

Cooking With Kids: Love the Mayhem!

Love it or hate it, cooking with kids is mayhem! I personally love it, regardless of the time it takes or the resulting mess! Cooking with kids is really something you should try with great enthusiasm. The benefits are second to none. Our modern day society has left us with kids who grow up to be fussy eaters, or worse still overweight or obese. The fact that we can educate our kids with regards to cooking should therefore be embraced with open arms, and quickly!

The Significant Mess

As I have already mentioned above cooking with kids will result in mess. This is something which is to be expected. In addition, it will take a considerable amount of time, so plan ahead and treat cooking with your kids as being an entire afternoon’s entertainment. Once you have got your head around these two eventualities you can relax and enjoy the whole experience, and benefit from that additional special bonding time with your kids!

The Significant Benefits

If time allows, you should also go out and purchase the various ingredients with your kids, allowing them to take part in the whole process. This will also reap rewards, on the basis that kids really are more susceptible to eating and enjoying foods which they themselves have prepared. This gives you the ideal opportunity to introduce healthy foods into their diet with no fights!

When kids say that they do not like particular foods, it is normally simply because they do not know what they are, and nothing to do with likes and dislikes! In allowing your kids to be aware of, and indeed trying, a whole range of foods gives them that much needed confidence to try new things and to enjoy life in general. Kids will develop a liking towards certain foods from a very young age, and it is therefore of the uppermost importance that you introduce healthy food choices as soon as possible.

Being able to cook is a skill which most young adults of today do not possess, simply because they have never had to! We are all guilty of being somewhat thrilled about living in a world of convenience, without really considering the consequences it has for future generations.

Today’s young adults are on the whole incapable of cooking any meal, let alone a nutritious one. We can therefore hardly blame them when they revert to takeaways at any given opportunity! We as parents have to take back some of the responsibility, and where better to start than with cooking with our kids! In addition to ensuring our kids follow a healthy diet, cooking with kids gives them so much self confidence.

This should spill over into other areas of their lives, making them well rounded adults with the confidence to achieve all of their hopes and dreams.

Not only does cooking with our children educate them with regards to healthy eating and cooking techniques, the knowledge of which will stay with them throughout life, but it educates them in general. Basic math skills come into play with all that counting and measuring. In addition, you can educate your kids as to where certain foods come from and how they are produced. The benefits to cooking with kids really are endless.

What to Cook?

Those of you with kids under 5 years of age should concentrate on making fresh fruit salads and some quick and easy recipes for healthy cookies. Basically you want to ensure that your kids are able to participate fully and enjoy the process, as opposed to getting frustrated.

Kids over 5 years of age should be able to make healthy meals from scratch, on the basis that their concentration span is likely to be considerably longer. You will of course have to assist with regards to knives and using the oven in this regard. Those of you with older kids may even wish to give them the task of preparing an evening meal for the whole family!

Allow yourself to love the mayhem, start cooking with kids today! You can do so much towards your kids’ futures by cooking with kids, which in itself is priceless. And it doesn''t end here, please take a look at our other pages on:

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