Treatment for Your Dogs Allergies

Treatment for Your Dogs Allergies

The truth about allergies is that your dog can suffer from them just as you do. Some of the symptoms would include a flaky skin, red ears and even runny eyes. This means that there is a problem somewhere. There are drugs available for one to choose from as a solution to the dog allergy. This would come in two different types – antihistamines and corticosteroids. Therefore a careful look at each of these two different drugs will help us understand the benefits and limitations of these treatment options.

Before examining these two drug options let us first take a closer look at some of the treatments that are non-medical as these are also very effective. Indeed there are a number of these treatments and these have been tried and tested over time. One of the ways to treat an allergy is to vary the diet of your dog.

This is because your dog may have a kind of food allergy which could be difficult for the veterinarians to find. One of the best ways to find out what is really worrying your dog is to use the elimination process. Therefore what may be actually required is an all natural and a high quality dog food. Some people have also tried bathing their dog on a regular basis in order to supplement the drugs for the dog and this is quite good.

For the drugs, the antihistamines are very safe for your allergic dog. However it may take some time to find the most effective type for your dog. Moreover the drugs would have to be administered to your dog a number of times in a day and giving pills to your dog is not something enjoyable every day. The medication may also make your dog feel drowsy and may not work on all dogs.

There is also the corticosteroid which is one of the most commonly used drugs available on the market. This one works very well and quickly on your dog. However it also comes with side effects some of which may be mild while others are severe. They are able to suppress the immune system of your dog and it is therefore recommended for a short term usage. As much as possible stay away from long term usage and administer the drugs in low dosages each and every time. Follow the treatment prescribed by your vet strictly.

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